Artist based in Oslo, Norway.
I enjoy using a lot of different of media, all having roots in constantly sketching, with a sort of thinking with the hand. From this I work with animation, music, painting, clothing and more.
With a variety of inspirations, such as street art, Japanese horror-erotica, and trashy tattoo aesthetics, I like to play with symbolism and challenge opposites. Explore themes such as kinks, gender, identity, and self-love...
- Currently studying at Oslo National Academy of the Arts (KHiO).

'TRAPPED IN A DREAM' Assemblage, acrylics and ink markers, with on-glued drawings/sketches/ images, metal chain (2019)

• Oslo National Academy of The Arts (2020-2023)
• Einar Granum School of Fine Art (2017-2019)
• Blank Space presents: Fresh Faces (Group show)
• Høstutstillingen 2019 (Group installation w/ Woodland Skateboards)
• Gallery VEKTA, 'Utstilling og grillparty' (Duo show, w/ Indianna Rue)
• Einar Granum School of Fine Art, Granumfestivalen 2019 (Group show)
• Gallery VEKTA 'Trust, rust and lust', (Solo show)
• Einar Granum School of Fine Art, Granumfestivalen 2018 (Group Show)​​​​​​​
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